Configuring the Noise Floor

Even when the sensor is in a silent environment, a small level of noise is detected. You need to measure this level of noise so that the sensor ignores it when operating, otherwise it could have effects on the echogram.

Before you begin

The sensor is connected to Mosa2.

About this task

It is recommended to measure the noise floor in water.

Important: Configure the noise floor before calibrating the sensor.


  1. From Mosa2, click Menu > Expert and enter the password copernic.
  2. Click the tab Trawl Explorer.
  3. From Noise Floor Level Up and Noise Floor Level Down click Run Measure.
    The noise floor average, max and min measures are displayed.
  4. In Noise floor voltage, enter:
    • For a V2 version, the average measure.
    • For V3 version, the recommended value next to the max. measure.
  5. Click Apply and make sure there is a green check mark .