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Marport Key benefits

Fuel Savings
Fuel is black gold these days of volatile fuel prices and burning fuel without needing to hurts. Marport gear sensors are designed to play a role as a contributing factor in maximising efficiency, targeting fishing at the most productive spots and keeping fishing time to the minimum needed to fill the fishroom while keeping your fuel bills down.

Time is money, and cutting down on lost time and wasted effort is the key to streamlining any fishing operation. The better the sensors on the gear and the more detailed the information reaching the skipper, the shorter the time the fishing gear has to be in the water. Our aim is to provide the essential information to keep fishing time strictly to the time needed, without wasting time or effort.

Catch Quality
Short tows are the thing. Getting the fish from the water to the fishroom as fast and as fresh as possible it what keeps quality high and prices strong. Marport’s codend sensors aim to tell you when there’s just enough fish in the gear for a prime quality haul, without needing to tow that extra half-hour to be sure.

In today’s world sustainability has become more than simply a buzzword; it’s an essential aspect of modern fisheries. Today’s approach is to take what you need and leave the rest. Nobody wants to slaughter any golden geese and we aim to provide skippers with the gear they need to align their catches to the needs of the market.

Marport’s sensors have been designed from the outset to work seamlessly with other systems. We don’t see why you should have to fit an entire system when a single component needs replacing, so our sensors dovetail with other manufacturers’ sensor arrays and wheelhouse displays.

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About Marport

Marport designs and manufactures catch control and net monitoring sensors, echo sounders, current profilers and sonar for the world’s fishing fleet. We also provide development services to the world’s top companies who count on our expertise. Our technology solutions improve operational efficiency, reduce waste and increase catch quality.

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