Useful Resources


Technical Drawings

Mount Plates Receivers
  • M6 mount plate    
  • M3 or M5 mount plate    
  • Mac mini mounting bracket    
  • Mx receiver    
  • M4 receiver    
Computers Hydrophone equipment
  • Mx computer    
  • M6 - Mac Pro cabling    
  • Marport Hydrophone Roadmap    
  • Hydrophone junction box    
  • Wideband preamplifier    
  • Thru-Hull penetration    
Sensors Dock
  • Sensor basic charger    
  • Dock outline        
  • ShipModul MiniPlex NMEA multiplexer    

Scala Language Files

Only for Scala versions 01.xx.xx.

Language File

Scala2 Language Files

Only for Scala2 versions 02.00.00 to 02.08.x. In above versions the language can be selected directly from the application.

Language File

Spreadsheet for Positioning Misalignments

Helps you to complete the positioning web page.

Language File

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