Receiving Warp Lengths from Scantrol

You can output warp length data from Scantrol iSYM Trawl Control application to Scala2 software.

About this task

Note: In this procedure, data are transmitted via a UDP port but a connection via a serial port can be possible.


  1. Scantrol and Marport computers must be connected together via an Ethernet wired network. Both computers must be on the same sub-network to communicate with each other: 192.168.0.XX.
    For example, the network IP address can be set at on Scantrol computer and at on Marport computer. The subnet mask address is for both.
  2. Go to iSYM's Configure Communication Ports menu, then in 13: NMEA UDP 1 or 15: NMEA UDP 2 enter a port number, such as 9000, and set SEND to 1.
    Note: The port number must be different from the one on which Scala2 sends data (if applicable).
  3. In Scala2, open the control panels then click NMEA Inputs > Add input.
  4. Set a UDP connection and enter the corresponding port.
  5. Clear the Validate Checksum checkbox.
    Important: If you do not clear this checkbox, you will not receive the data from Scantrol.


Scantrol data are displayed in Scala2.