Uploading the Sensor Firmware

When preparing the sensor for the first time, you need to upload firmware and application files into it.

About this task

You need to have the following files:
  • a firmware file (*.A2F): it is the firmware of the sensor,
  • an application file (*.A2A): it defines the sensor features and options.
Afterward, when new improved versions of firmware are released, you only have to upload the firmware file. If you need to change the options of the sensor (for example: pitch & roll, temperature), only upload the application file.

Downloading the Firmware and Application Files

Before you begin

Note: Marport offices only. Only Marport offices can download new versions of firmware. Dealerships need to ask their local Marport office to get the firmware.


  1. From a web browser, go to Marport Authorized Service Provider (MASP) website: https://asp.marport.fr/.
  2. Go to Sensors, then type the sensor product serial number in the search box.
  3. Open the sensor page, then click the board number in the tree view on the left.
  4. From the Last firmwares section, click Download Mcu firmware.

    Note: The firmware version must be F450-02.02.02 and after
  5. Go to the Features section.
  6. To manually configure the application, first enter the complete name of the sensor in Product name. Then, complete the options.

    Note: Always keep selected the check-box Show only bottle compatible apps to avoid selecting a bottle size that is not compatible with the application.
    Note: See Firmware and Features for details about the options.

Updating the Sensor with the Configuration Cable


  1. Connect the sensor to Mosa2 using the Configuration Cable: see Connecting the Sensor to Mosa2.
  2. Press command + E or click Menu and click User Mode > Expert.
  3. Click Upgrade Firmware or Upgrade Application.

    The upgrade wizard opens. Follow the instructions.