Firmware and Features

This section describes the firmware and features that must be configured on MASP to set up the sensor.

To be operational, the sensor needs to be configured with two files:
  • a firmware file (*.A2F): it is the firmware of the sensor,
  • an application file (*.A2A): it defines the sensor features and options.

These files are generated via MASP.


The latest version of the firmware is available for download on MASP.

Compatibility: F450-02.02.02 and after

Features and Options

The features and options are configurable according to the type of hardware and customer's choices.

  • Product name: Manually entered.
  • Application: Speed Navigator or Speed Navigator Reversed
  • Body: Tets
  • Battery capacity (not configurable): 2-pack
Sounding Options (non-editable)
  • Up
  • Down
Misc. options
  • SD Card Log: records a log of the sensor activity. This option is useful for troubleshooting support.
  • Battery (always activated)
  • Across Speed (always activated)
  • Along Speed (always activated)
  • Pressure (depth)
  • Temperature
  • Pitch
  • Roll