Maintenance Checklist

We recommend you to follow this maintenance schedule for better performance and to avoid any trouble with the equipment.

Before use
  • Check that all attachment equipment are not worn or torn. Replace when appropriate.
  • Check that the sensor is clean. See Cleaning the Sensor for cleaning procedures.
  • Check the battery level 24 hours before use and recharge if necessary.
After use Wash the sensor with fresh water.
Between uses When the sensor is not in use, store in a dry area, without humidity, at a temperature between -10° and 70 °C (14 to 158 °F).
Not used for more than 3 months
  • Do not leave the batteries at full charge or discharged for a long period of time or they will wear out.
  • Every 6 months, put the sensor in charge for less than an hour.
Every 2 years The sensor must be returned to an approved Marport dealer for inspection and maintenance.

If the sensor has not been not used for more than 3 months, we highly recommend to check the following points before using it:
  • Make sure the sensors on the end cap are in good condition and clean.
  • Connect the sensor to a charger and check the charging status.
  • Switch on the sensor by shorting the center lug to the negative lug, then listen for a ping noise and check if you see the LED switched on.
  • Test the sensor measures with Mosa2: depth, temperature, pitch, roll, and if applicable: spread distance, echogram, catch status, speed measures (using the EM log tester).
  • If you have a test hydrophone, check the reception in the wheelhouse with Scala.