Configuring Data Display in Scala2

You can display the sensor's measurements and echograms on Scala2 pages.

Before you begin

Connect in Customize mode to configure the display of data. From the top left corner of the page click Menu > Customize and enter the password eureka.


  1. Open the control panels and go to the Mx tab.
  2. To display the echograms, click + hold Sonar Data from a Speed Navigator sensor and drag it to the page display.

  3. Click + hold other data, such as depth, pitch, roll, and drag it as well to the page display.

  4. Select the type of display.

  5. To display the Water Speed Along and Water Speed Across data in 3D views:
    1. Open the customization panels and go to the MX tab.
    2. Click + hold TS Dial or TS 3D and drag it to the page.

    Note: On the TS Dial, the bearing angle is negative when the sensor is oriented toward port and positive when oriented toward starboard.
  6. Drag the lines around the blocks of data to resize them.

  7. Right-click the title or the values of the data to display customization options.

  8. To save the changes, right-click the tab with the name of the page and click Save Changes.