Installing a Trawl Explorer on the Trawl

We recommend to install the sensor on the headrope in order to see the trawl opening and fish entering the trawl. You can also install it on the trawl tunnel to see fish going toward the codend.


Install the sensor on the headrope on a location corresponding to nodes 13, 12, 11 or 10 on the image below:

If you want to see the footrope, move back the sensor of a few meters, as illustrated below.

  1. Place sensor (1) at the centre of the net's headrope (2), facing the vessel.
  2. Install a double-mesh piece of netting (3) to stabilize the sensor.
  3. Buoys (4) on either sides provide a level platform for the unit during trawling operations.
  4. Buoys ensure that down-looking transducer beam (5) is vertical for footrope (6) detection.
  5. The signal is oriented toward the vessel (7).
We recommend you to use a netting bag placed on a suitable location in the net. Use a safety line between one of the sensor's attachment lugs, as shown in the picture below. The safety line should be a steel wire with fitted small shackles at either end.
Important: Sensors not properly secured may be lost during fishing operations.


To install the sensor on the trawl tunnel, install it on a location corresponding to nodes 7, 8 or 9 on the image below:

The installation procedure is the same as the one for the headrope.