Marport’s Trawl Explorer is your eye on the fishing gear. This sounder can be placed on your trawl headrope or tunnel in order to send useful information to the wheelhouse.

Thanks to the sounder you will see:

  • On the echogram, the trawl opening and fish entering the net.
  • Also on the echogram, the distance between the footrope and seabed to see if the gear touches the bottom.
  • Depth data
  • Temperature data
  • Pitch and roll data
  • Distance from the sensor to the seabed or footrope

The Trawl Explorer can adapt to different types of fishing methods. For example, you can fully configure the sounding modes in accordance with your fishing method to have optimum results.

On the latest version of Trawl Explorer, the echogram displays target strength values that helps you to identify fish.