Outputting Scala2 Symmetry Data to Scantrol

You can output across speed data from Scala2 to Scantrol iSYM application.

Before you begin

  • You need to have iSYM version 3.5.10 (beta version) and above
  • Make sure you have a license to use Marport software with Scantrol.

About this task

Important: Scala2 2.10.x and later: If the system is configured to operate on a twin trawl with one speed sensor on each trawl, but only one trawl is put in water: make sure that the speed sensor in water is the one from the first trawl, configured with a node between 10 and 13. If not, Scala2 will not send any speed measurements.


  1. Scantrol and Marport computers must be connected together via an Ethernet wired network. Both computers must be on the same sub-network to communicate with each other: 192.168.0.XX.
    For example, the network IP address can be set at on Scantrol computer and at on Marport computer. The subnet mask address is for both.
  2. In Scala2, go to Settings > NMEA Outputs.
  3. In Port Settings, select UDP port.
  4. Enter a port number, for example 5000, and leave Interface at Any.
    Note: The port number must be different from the one on which Scantrol data are received (if applicable).
  5. In Data to Emit,
    1. Select Emit Sensor Data > Raw data.
    2. Select Emit only selected data types, then select Water Speed Along and Water Speed Across.
  6. Go to iSYM's System Settings.
  7. Go to Trawl Sensors tab, then select Marport in Active sensor source.
  8. Configure the communication settings in Trawl sensor communication. Enter the same port you set in Scala2.
    Note: Port closed mention at the bottom of the window does not impact the configuration and should be ignored.
    Tip: If you need to test the NMEA connection but the sensors are not in water: configure the same output settings in ScalaReplay2, then replay SDS files containing speed data.