Configuring Sensor Display on Scala2

You can display on pages in Scala2 measurements (e.g. speed, pitch and roll...) taken by the sensors.

About this task

Sensor measurements are displayed in the control panels, under Mx. Data title should be:
  • Speed Explorer
  • Trawl Speed or 3N1 for Symmetry, Grid and Trawl Speed sensors.

The title is followed by the node where the sensor was placed when added to the system. Data displayed (e.g. pitch & roll, water speed) depends on the firmware installed.


  1. From the top left corner of the screen, click Menu > Customize and enter the password eureka.
  2. Open the control panel, then go to Mx.
  3. Click + drag to a page Sonar Data to display the echogram of a Speed Explorer.
  4. Hover the mouse over the echogram to display the target strength of the detected targets. The higher is the target strength, the bigger the target is.
  5. Open the customization panels and go to MX to display Water Speed Along and Water Speed Across data in a TS Dial or in a TS 3D.
    TS Dial:
    Note: Bearing angle is negative when the sensor is oriented toward port and positive when oriented toward starboard.
    TS 3D:
  6. You can also click and drag the data from the control panels, then choose a type of display from Choose new Gauge Type.
  7. To display the angle of a Grid sensor, drag Grid Angle data to a page and select Dial:
    Note: The angle displayed should be 45° when the grid is correctly placed. In this example, the grid angle is slightly too high. If the grid angle is too high, non-targeted species may also be caught in the grid. If the grid angle is too low, targeted species may not enter.
  8. To save the changes you made:
    1. To rename the page, right-click the name of the page and click Rename.
    2. To save the page, right-click the name of the page and click Save Changes.
  9. Deactivate the Customize mode when you have finished customizing pages: click Menu > Customize again.