Diagnostic Information

Scala2 and Mosa2 applications warn the user in case of water ingress in the sensor.

Note: Diagnostic information is available for Marport Pro sensors (A2S and A2H PCBA versions), from the firmware version F450-02.02.00 or later and Mosa2 version 02.11.08.

In case of water ingress in the sensor, alarms are displayed in Scala2 Virtual Charger Room, in Mosa2 and on the charger plug when connected to the sensor.

  • Mosa2 displays a dialog at the start of the application and warning icon in the toolbar and diagnostic page:

  • The charger plug displays a warning icon:

When the alarm appears, take the sensor out of water immediately and contact Marport support.

Warning: In case of water ingress in the product, do not charge it: battery may vent or rupture, causing product or physical damage.