SD Card Recording

This topic explains the SD card recording feature (this feature is optional).


Data recorded on the SD card are in higher resolution, with a higher refreshing rate.

You can see on Mosa2 main page if the SD card recording feature is activated:

Additional settings

We recommend to activate the support logs to help support teams for error diagnosis.
  1. Go to the Communications page, then click in Recording.
  2. Activate Additional support Log.

Getting data from the SD card

The last 99 recorded sensor data files and last 99 battery files are displayed. Two types of files are on the SD card:

  • Files containing measures recorded by the sensor. Their name begins by "450". These data are more precise and recorded more often than data received on the receiver. One file corresponds to a tow (time between entering and leaving water). The recording date displayed in the second column is synchronized with your computer time.
  • BATT = Files created when the sensor is charging (1 file per charging cycle). They are useful for support teams for troubleshooting.
Note: The first time the sensor connects to Mosa2 or if the sensor desynchronizes, a clock with a warning icon is displayed in the top toolbar. Click it to synchronize the time of the SD card with the computer's time.
  1. Press command + E or click Menu and click User Mode > Expert.
  2. On the first page, click in Data Recording.
Recorded files are displayed. Click the title of the columns to sort them by their name, date or size.

1. Time of end of towing

2. Free memory

3. Total memory size

4. Index of the last file written