Configuring the Echo Sounder

Configure the echo sounder settings of the Speed Navigator.


  1. Go to the Echo Sounder page.
  2. To select the direction of the sounding, click in Sounding Mode, then choose a Mode between Down or Up.
  3. Go back to the page, then click in Down Sounding or Up Sounding, depending on the Sounding Mode that was configured.

  4. Set the Frequency (Hz) at 165,000 Hz. If you notice noise on the echogram, you can put 210,000 Hz to not interfere with the uplink signal of the sensor or other sensors.
  5. The Range (m) of the sounding is the maximum distance at which targets and bottom can be detected.
    Note: We recommend to set the maximum range value when using the automatic range in order to see the sea bottom as soon as possible.
  6. The Pulse Type is automatically set, depending on the echogram range:
    • 5 to 20 m: 100 μs
    • 40 m: 200 μs
    • 80 m: 300 μs
    • 160 m: 500 μs
  7. Select a TVG setting to compensate the signal loss in water and have targets or sea bottom displayed in the same color on the echogram, whatever the distance from the sensor:
    • 20 log: focus on bottom or school of fish.
    • 40 log: focus on individual targets.
    • 30 log: compromise between the two above settings.
  8. Set the Detection Threshold (dB TS) to -79 if you want to detect small targets. Otherwise, leave the default settings at -73 dB.
  9. Do not change the other echo sounder settings.