Sensor cannot connect in wireless connection

When trying to connect to the sensor by wireless connection, the sensor appears on Mosa2 discovery area but you cannot click it OR the sensor does not appear on the discovery area.

Remember: First, always connect the sensor to a charger, then disconnect it. The sensor will reboot and this may resolve the issue.

The sensor is out of the range of the wireless signal.

  • Bring the sensor closer to the computer.

If the sensor is not detected by Mosa2, the issue might come from the short-range wireless connection of the computer.
  1. Close Mosa2.
  2. Click the short-range wireless symbol in the top-right corner of the menu bar while holding the Shift (⇧) + ALT (⌥) keys on your Mac's keyboard.
  3. Click Debug > Remove all devices.
  4. Open Mosa2.

In some cases, the computer keeps an history of some wireless devices and this interfere with the correct detection of sensors. You need to launch a script to uninstall Mosa2 and erase all wireless preferences.
  1. Double-click the DMG file of a Mosa2 version 02.03.00 and after.
  2. Right-click UninstallMosa.command and select Open With > Terminal.
  3. From the terminal window, enter your computer password and press Enter.
    Note: For security reasons, the terminal window will not display anything when you type the password.

    The terminal window displays Process completed when the script is completed. Mosa2 is uninstalled from your computer and all wireless settings on the computer are erased.

  4. Open the DMG file to install Mosa2 again.