Mosa2 does not open due to error message

Mosa2 displays an error message saying it cannot be opened.

Your Mac security preferences do not allow you to open applications not downloaded from the App Store.
  1. From the upper left corner of the screen, click Apple menu > System Preferences > Security & Privacy .
  2. Click the lock icon and enter the password, if applicable.
  3. At Allow apps downloaded from, select Anywhere, then close the dialog box.
  4. macOS Sierra or later: Anywhere option is not displayed by default. To display Anywhere:
    1. Click the magnifying glass from the top right corner of your screen and type Terminal.
    2. Click Terminal from the results.
    3. Enter in the terminal: sudo spctl --master-disable.
    4. Press Enter.

      Anywhere option is now displayed in Security & Privacy preferences.