Canceling the Ringing

On NBTE V2 echograms, there is a ringing coming from the transducer, that appears as a red line on top of the echogram. You can cancel it.

Before you begin

  • To correctly configure the ringing, the sensor needs to be in a large water tank at a depth of at least 5 meters, or in air, with a space of at least 1.20 meters in front of the Down or Up sounder.
  • The sensor is connected to Mosa2.

About this task

Ringing is an oscillation of the signal coming from the sensor transducer. At shallow depth, it can be confused with the bottom, so it is recommended to deactivate it.


  1. From Mosa2, click Menu > Expert and enter the password copernic.
  2. From the tab Trawl Explorer, click Ringing Down.
  3. Place the sensor in a large tank or in your office and click Emit 10 Ping Down.
    The sensor emits 10 pings and you can see a curve on the graph.
  4. Select Adjust profile points on top of the graph.
  5. From the graph, click and drag red line points above the gray and yellow curves:
    1. The red line should follow the same curve.
    2. Place the 4th point at the location where the yellow and gray curves go under the noise floor (green line).
    Note: The values below the red line will not appear on the echogram and data above will appear as a red line on the echogram.
  6. Click Apply and make sure there is a green check mark .
  7. Repeat for Ringing Up, if applicable.