Configuring Measurement Sending Sequence and True Mode

If you use the True Mode display for echograms in Scala2, you need to select a specific sequence of measurements (e.g. temperature, pitch, roll...) sent by the uplink to the receiver.

Before you begin

The sensor is connected to Mosa2.


  1. From Mosa2, click Menu > Expert and enter the password copernic.
  2. Click the tab Trawl Explorer.
  3. From Option True Mode, select a sequence from True Mode Option.
    • Select Config1 (default): this is the more appropriate sequence for a Trawl Explorer.
    • Or select Config3 if you use the True Mode display on echograms in Scala2.
  4. Click Apply.
    Below is an example of echograms without True Mode (top) and with True Mode (bottom). When the option is activated, you see the area between the sea surface and the seabed. This way, you can see the trawl descent. See Scala2 user guide for more information.