Testing Measures

You can test the measures taken by the sensor (e.g. battery level, temperature, depth) to check that there are no faults.

Before you begin

The sensor is connected to Mosa2.


  1. From Mosa2, click Menu > Expert and enter the password copernic.
  2. Click the tab General.
  3. From Measures Test, click Apply.
    The measures taken by the sensor are displayed.
  4. Check the following measures:
    • The temperature is consistent with the sensor environment.
    • The depth is between 0 and 2m.
    • The battery is between 6.9V and 8.1V.
    Troubleshooting: If depth is incorrect, you can put an offset in Depth > Depth Offset.
    The other measures are only useful for the support service.
  5. To save the test results on your computer:
    • Click Save to file to download the file.
    • Or, click Copy to clipboard then press Cmd + V on a word processor like Pages to paste the contents.