Connecting the Sensor to Mosa2

To configure the sensor, you need to connect it to Mosa2 using a wireless communication or using the Configuration Cable.

Using a Wireless Connection

About this task

Important: Mosa running on macOS Monterey and Ventura: A1 sensors cannot connect by short range wireless signal. You must use a Configuration Cable.


  1. Open Mosa2.
  2. Connect the water-switch.
    The light on the transducer flashes red.
  3. Disconnect the water-switch.
    After a few seconds, the light flashes green.
  4. Wait a few seconds for the sensor to be recognized. When it appears in the discovery page, click .


The sensor configuration pages are displayed.

Using the Configuration Cable

Simply connect the Configuration Cable from the computer to the sensor to display the sensor configuration page on Mosa2.

About this task

Note: Compatible with Mosa2 02.05.x and above.
Tip: Refer to the Configuration Cable Quick Reference Guide available on our website for more details about the use of this product.


  1. Move other electrical devices minimum 1 m away from the computer.
  2. Connect the USB connector directly to the computer.
    Mosa2 opens automatically and the startup wizard is displayed. The LED on the plug is solid blue.
  3. Connect the three-pin plug to the sensor.
    The LED on the plug blinks alternatively blue and green.
  4. Wait a few seconds. The configuration page of the sensor is displayed on Mosa2.
    The LED on the plug is solid green.


What to do next

You can now configure the sensor.
Note: You can keep the Configuration Cable continuously connected by USB, and virtually eject or connect it. When no sensor is connected to the Configuration Cable, click Menu > Eject Config Plug or Connect Config Plug. When ejected, you come back to the discovery page. It stays disconnected until you virtually connect to it or manually disconnect then connect it.

Using the Dock and a Configuration Cable

About this task

Note: Compatible with Mosa2 02.11.x and above.


  1. Connect the USB connector of the Configuration Cable to the Dock and the plug to the sensor's endcap.
  2. Open Mosa2. The Configuration Cable is displayed on the discovery page.
    Click to open the sensor configuration page.
  3. To leave Mosa2 configuration page and come back to the discovery page, click > Disconnect.