Configuring the Uplink Power

You can increase the uplink power of the sensor to increase the power of the signal transmitted. It is useful if you have interferences or if the sensor is far from the vessel.

Before you begin

The sensor is connected to Mosa2.

Tip: You can watch this short video, explaining the benefit of changing the power of the uplink signal.


  1. From Mosa2, click the tab General.
  2. From Uplink Power Adjustment Level, choose the uplink power (values in percentage are for Mosa version 01.02.00 and later):
Sensor Recommended Uplink Powers Conditions Estimated Battery Life
Trawl Explorer 1000 / 32%

Works for most conditions.

60-75 hours
1800 / 58%
  • Sensor is far from vessel (e.g. more than 800 m depending on conditions, high depth, placed on codend)
  • High level of interferences
  • Issues receiving data
  • Low SNR
30-40 hours
Note: The average battery life also depends on the uplink frequency, sounding range and options activated.