Selecting A1 Board Orientation

You need to check the orientation of the A1 board inside the sensor in order to correctly receive data.

Before you begin

The sensor is connected to Mosa2.
CAUTION: Do not open the sensor to check the A1 board orientation. It can be checked and configured using Mosa2.

About this task

The transducer (yellow part) can be installed in two different positions, with a different angle of 90°. When the down sounder points to the ground, the A1 board inside the sensor can be in a vertical or horizontal position depending on the transducer orientation.

Usually, for V1 versions of sensors, the standard orientation is horizontal and for V2 and V3 it is vertical. If the selected orientation is not the standard one for your version, this has no effect on the correct functioning as long as you select the correct orientation.


  1. Place the sensor with the down sounder (circle or A on transducer) toward the ground.
  2. Click the tab Pitch and Roll.
  3. From Select Orientation, click Apply.
    The orientation is selected according to the A1 board orientation.
    1. Vertical

    2. Standard (horizontal)